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It is with the heaviest of hearts that we deliver this news. Momentum’s last business day will be October 30th. We have exhausted every avenue possible to keep our doors open. Unfortunately, our efforts were not enough. COVID/Government Restrictions and Mandates have changed the landscape of the fitness industry and have monumentally affected our ability to thrive. We are so thankful for all of you who have supported us through the years. We are devastated to be ending our journey with you, but hope that Momentum will always hold a fond place in your hearts. 



Momentum has been more than just a gym for many of us. This has been a home, a source of inspiration, sanity, friendships and overall health. A place where we take you as you are, and walking in any attitude and stage of life, you most likely walk out a bit brighter. Many of you, our members,  have been inspirations in our lives; juggling work, families, finances, relationships and schedules, and still found a time to come and prioritize fitness. Our instructors have pushed the limits and put in countless hours to become experts in what they do. Giving us top-of-the-line classes full of fun and energy. We are thankful for each trainer who has helped transform women’s lives and reach their own personal goals, for our Front Desk staff waking up at the crack of dawn to let in our 4:55AM crew, to staying late for our late evening stragglers. Not to mention our incredible MiniMo staff taking care of our kids, so that we can have an hour or two to spend on ourselves and stay sane. This is a big loss for all of us.


 With this news, we are all going through some stage of grief: Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression or Acceptance. We ask that you honor whatever stage your fellow member or staff member may be in. This is undeniably an emotional time for all of us. 


We want to finish out our last 50 days well. Momentum will continue in its normal state until then.  


Jeff and I have been blessed to have been owners for 7 ½ years.   We are incredibly grateful to the Lord for entrusting us with so many women.  Women that we have laughed and cried with and prayed over.   


Meet Our Trainers

Steph Reider

Pilates Reformer Trainer

Taylor Miller

Total Body Trainer

Myka Mills

Total Body Trainer

Meet our Leadership Team

Tracey Wakeen


Amanda Martin

Co-Director of Total Body Training

NOra Culley

Mini Mo Director


“I love this place – it’s so much more than a gym. The women who teach aren’t just instructors – they coach, they inspire, they support- if you’re looking for a place that motivates on all levels: body, mind & soul, look no further!"
Melissa B.
“After years of “gym phobia”, I love being a part of this community and the many options available to me. The enthusiastic and knowledgeable trainers have helped me reach long- desired goals.”
Patty L.
“Momentum is a friendly, non-judgmental atmosphere, Dedicated and knowledgeable instructors who love what they do, so many great options to work out when and how you want.”
Lisa P.

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