MoTRITION™ is a balanced weight loss program
that promotes a healthy lifestyle for ALL women and their families.

Proper nutrition is a balancing act and understanding the basics of good nutrition can be overwhelming. We know that everyone has their own personal and nutritional weight loss goals and we also know what a challenge it can be finding the right formula to get there.

We have the formula and you will break the weight loss cycle!
Our team of dedicated coaches are waiting for you to take that first step to a happier and healthier you!

Our MoTRITION coaches will:

  • Calculate the right amount of calories for your body.
  • Assist in developing ways for you to integrate healthful eating into everyday life.
  • Help you build a foundation of balanced nutrition and how to apply it to your unique lifestyle.
  • Review your journal and always deliver motivating sessions.
  • Review your weekly exercise schedule and talk about the importance of movement.
  • Provide and discuss education materials to increase your nutritional knowledge.
  • Keep you focused, accountable and successful.

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What Our Friends Say

“I love this place – it’s so much more than a gym. The women who teach aren’t just instructors – they coach, they inspire, they support- if you’re looking for a place that motivates on all levels: body, mind & soul, look no further, Momentum is it.” Read more…
Melissa B
“After years of “gym phobia”, I love being a part of this community and the many options available to me. The enthusiastic and knowledgeable trainers have helped me reach long- desired goals.” Read more…
Patty L
“Momentum is a friendly, non-judgmental atmosphere, Dedicated and knowledgeable instructors who love what they do, so many great options to work out when and how you want.” Read more…
Lisa P
“I absolutely love this place! Women working together, encouraging, laughing, sweating, looking forward to seeing each other the next day, motivating, looking to see the good in every one are all reasons that bring me to Momentum daily.” Read more…
Christina W