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“I love this place – it’s so much more than a gym. The women who teach aren’t just instructors – they coach, they inspire, they support- if you’re looking for a place that motivates on all levels: body, mind & soul, look no further, Momentum is it.”
Melissa B.
“After years of “gym phobia”, I love being a part of this community and the many options available to me. The enthusiastic and knowledgeable trainers have helped me reach long- desired goals.”
Patty L.
“I absolutely love this place! Women working together, encouraging, laughing, sweating, looking forward to seeing each other the next day, motivating, looking to see the good in every one are all reasons that bring me to Momentum daily.”
Christina W.
“Thanks to Meredith and the great staff at Momentum, I look forward to workouts that make me feel stronger and overall better both mentally and physically. You truly feel empowered as soon as you walk through the door and I couldn’t ask for a better environment to work out in.”
Taylour T.
“A place with a positive energy, friendly faces and a long list of great workouts with the best trainers around!”
Stephanie M.
“Momentum is changing my life in immeasurable ways. I rejoined after being out of a gym for a few years, and the staff and members are incredibly supportive, compassionate, helpful and inspiring! The classes are the best I’ve ever seen with an impeccable facility catered to make everyone comfortable. Even the locker room reminds me of a spa. Joining Momentum has been one of the best decisions I’ve made in a long time!”
Brenda B.
“I like that it’s an all women’s gym, it’s close to home, great instructors, variety of classes. I’ve made some wonderful friends at Momentum who I see outside the gym. You get involved with people’s lives — triumphs and pitfalls. There is a positive vibe here. I’ve found encouragement and have given encouragement over the years.”
“Momentum is a friendly, non-judgmental atmosphere, Dedicated and knowledgeable instructors who love what they do, so many great options to work out when and how you want.”
“I love the community here at Momentum! From the instructors, to the staff, the facility, the classes, the members….Mo has the best of them all. I feel extremely supported & challenged here & love my time at Mo from the moment I walk in the door!”
Rachel S.
"I have always told everyone that Momentum is the best gym I have ever attended, hands down. I built my work and personal life around the classes I love which might sound extreme or obsessive to some! I am thankful for positive vibes expressed by all staff members! In spite of these crazy and challenging times, I know if I participate in one of the online classes, I will feel better as a result of the instructor's positive attitude, excellent instruction and humor."
Barb B.
"Momentum means to me a wonderful place to be, where I am in my comfort zone. Where I’m around people whom have the same aspirations as me. The gym provides to me a fun time where I can relieve my stress from the day and connect with wonderful and exceptional women. The instructors are some of the most encouraging and supportive women I’ve ever met. I have truly made some everlasting friendships at the gym and I’m so thankful for the opportunity to be a part of Momentum."
Pam R.
"Momentum has definitely been a bright spot for me in 2020!  Being able to look forward each day to the classes that are live-streamed has kept up my spirits, especially during the winter months.  In addition to giving me something to look forward to, Momentum’s  awesome instructors have encouraged me to stay healthy, sane and connected. I know there are numerous fitness classes that can be found on line, but nothing beats being able to exercise with  instructors you know and love!  THANK YOU, Momentum for  making me feel part of a family of wonderful and caring women!  Looking forward to seeing you all in person soon!"
Wendie Y.
"I joined Momentum to just get out of the house, but as soon I started the Group Exercise Classes, something connected within and I would find reasons to go to the gym everyday. Groups are amazing and instructors will motivate you. Every time is cherry on the cake and I found really nice people who make me feel comfortable."
Anchaldeep K.
"Momentum is literally the only thing that has kept me sane in the last year! I can get out of the house, drop my little ones off with the most wonderful childcare staff I’ve ever encountered, and have one hour to myself. It’s the only time of the day that I can take care of me. And all the ladies, from the staff to the members, fill my cup every day, so I can be a better mom.The most heartfelt thank you to the best instructors and trainers, who have helped me get back on track and reach for my goals. I am forever grateful for Momentum!"
Jen M.
"With covid and my busy work schedule, I’ve really enjoyed the Facebook live workouts! I’m able to squeeze in my workouts with my favorite instructors from the comfort of my home! Thanks for keeping me healthy and fit during this crazy year!"
Kimberly S.
"The first time I attended a class at Momentum, it was Body Step. The amount of women telling me to just keep moving and that I would get the moves eventually was encouraging. They were right! Now 7 years later, I’m obsessed with Body Step! The first time I attended a Body Combat class, I teared up mid punch because the female empowerment and words of encouragement from the instructor were so powerful, I was filled with emotion..."
Katie F.
"(Continued)...Now as a new mom during a pandemic, Momentum means more to me than it ever has before. It’s my escape. I only have time for Body Step, Total Tone and one day of personal training with Ornella. Those three workouts mean so much to me! Being with amazing women and friends during class is so motivating. As for personal training with Ornella, it’s so tough! She has helped make me stronger than ever. I cannot thank her enough for challenging me every week."
Katie F.
"The Facebook Live classes have been a life-line! For someone who really freaked out at the start of the quarantine when I couldn't 'go to the gym' I h the thought of not having Momentum in my life."
Barb B.

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