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What is the term of my membership?

Momentum has Month-to-Month, 12 Month membership and Paid-in-Full memberships for (1) or (3) months.

What is included in my membership dues?

Unlimited use of Group Exercise Classes, Cardio Equipment, and fully-stocked beauty bar; use of the Momentum App to track workouts and participate in challenges. Access to our Private Facebook page with 100’s of workouts.

What additional services are available for an additional investment?

Childcare – up to (1) hour per day per child; Total Body Training Sessions in the Loft; Pilates Reformer Training; Select special events and/or classes.

What are my payment options for dues and services?

We accept all major credit cards; debit cards that display the VISA or MasterCard logo. For purchases. For Month-to-Month memberships, a valid billing source must be maintained. ACH bank draft is recommended as it the easiest for our members since it rarely needs to be updated due to a change in information like credit cards or debit cards. Charges appear on your statement from ABC Fitness. We also accept Bill payer directly from your bank.

Paid-in-Full memberships may be paid by cash, check, credit card or debit card.

When are Month-to-Month membership dues timed to
be charged to my auto-pay method?

Dues for the coming month are scheduled to be charged 1 st of the month. Some financial institutions may put a hold on the dollars up to (5) days prior to processing. Therefore, it is recommended not to make any changes to membership status or payment method within this (5) day window to avoid double or erroneous charges. Charges will appear on your statement from ABC Fitness.

What if I want to cancel my membership?

For Flexible Memberships: Cancellations require a 30-day notice in writing. It is recommended to submit cancellation requests by the 24th of the month prior to the 30-day window to avoid erroneous charges. Member is responsible for dues during the 30-day window.

For Annual Membership: Cancellation requires you to come into the club and sign a cancelation form. Membership will be cancelled effective immediately. You will be responsible to pay for 50% of your remaining dues for the 12 month term, to buy out your contract.

Once you have cancelled your membership, you may be required to pay an enrollment fee in order to re-join the club. As well as be subject to any rate increases.

What are the 21 Day Trail details?

This gives you access to the club for 21 consecutive days. There is no long-term commitment. It is designed to help you figure out if we are a good fit for you. You have full access to all of our group classes as well as the Cardio equipment, during club hours. If you join as a full member before the end of the 21 Days we will waive the Enrollment fee.

What is Total Body Transformation?

It is intentional strength training, designed to transform your body, mind, and spirit. Our transformation coaches meet you where you are, knowing that there isn’t a “one size fits all” approach to achieving your specific goals. All of our programs are aimed to help you find better harmony between food and exercise, knowing that through these science-backed principles, we can transform bodies, train athletes, and improve lives.

Do I need to sign up

Yes. When you become a member you will then download our Momentum App and reserve your spot via the APP or you can call or email us your request.

What do I need to bring to the club?

Water, a towel, and a yoga mat.