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 Welcome to Mini Mo! My name is Nora Culley.  I am the director of Child Care at Mini Mo. Here at Mini Mo, we know just how important it is for you to feel that your child is safe and well cared for, so that you can totally focus on you and your workout! All of our Mini Mo caretakers are CPR certified and have passed state background checks. We sanitize or wash any used toys at the end of each shift, and run an air purifier during each shift. We love giving you the opportunity to focus on you, so we do our best to work with children who may not yet be acclimated to leaving mom. We welcome children ages 6wks-10yrs old.

If you are interested in bringing your child(ren) to Mini Mo, please send me an email – In the meantime, below are Guidelines & Policies for Mini Mo and information about how to sign your child up for a time slot.

ILLNESS: Please avoid dropping your child off if they are not feeling well…fever, runny/congested nose, cough, diarrhea & vomiting are all things we do not want to pass on to anyone else. Please make sure they are at least 24 hours symptom free before returning to Mini Mo. We run an air purifier during Mini Mo open hours to help mitigate spreading germs.   

SIGN-UPS: Please sign your children up by 8:00 PM the night before your class. Feel free to sign up for a week at a time. The number of slots available is based on the size of the space in Mini Mo.  The sign up sheet determines staffing.  If there are no children signed up at a time slot there may not be an employee present. I realize with children, things can change by the minute, so if you sign up for a time slot and realize you will not be able to make it, please text me to let me know.  My number is 717-660-1174. There is a one hour time limit per day. Please request permission for anything longer. If the time frame you desire is full,  please text me and I will put you on the waiting list. You will be notified  if there is a cancellation. Here is the sign-up link!     

SIGN-INS: Each child will receive a key fob to sign in and out.  Please scan the key fob upon entering and leaving Mini Mo. Mini Mo is shoeless, so please remove your children’s shoes as they enter. Best practice is to have your child put on socks before leaving the house. But just in case you do forget, we have socks available.

DIAPERS AND POTTY: Please let us know if your child requires diapers, helps with potty training, or is proficient and able to take care of things themselves. We will gladly change diapers as needed, and as time allows. Please provide a diaper bag with supplies to accommodate that.  

SNACKS & DRINKS: Children are able to have water while in Minimo. Please bring a labeled water bottle for them to use. We discourage snacks, but you may see children with snacks. They are most likely employee children who are there for extended periods of time. If you feel snacks are necessary for your child please make sure it is a peanut-free snack. Let us know if your children have any allergies that require special accommodations.  

TIME OUT: We do our best to use positive reinforcement techniques to encourage good behavior. If there is a need for intervention, we will use a time-out chair with the page-per-minute limit. We will let you know if there was need for an intervention at pick up.  

TOYS: Please avoid bringing toys from home.  We’d hate for you to lose something you love! We clean all of our toys at the end of each shift so we are pretty familiar with what is ours, but we would hate a precious toy to get in the mix.

I look forward to getting to know you and you and your children! 




“I love this place – it’s so much more than a gym. The women who teach aren’t just instructors – they coach, they inspire, they support- if you’re looking for a place that motivates on all levels: body, mind & soul, look no further!"
Melissa B.
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Patty L.
“Momentum is a friendly, non-judgmental atmosphere, Dedicated and knowledgeable instructors who love what they do, so many great options to work out when and how you want.”
Lisa P.

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