A Day in the Life of a Nutritionist: Courtney Wright

Have you ever wondered how a nutritionist spends her day or what her meals consist of?  In this month’s series of a Day in the Life, our registered dietitian, Courtney Wright, dishes on what a typical day looks like for her, including how she eats to stay healthy.


I wake up anywhere between 6-6:45 am depending on my schedule that day.
I then get ready for work which includes gathering my breakfast, lunch and snacks, giving Einstein (our dog) his morning pills/breakfast and a brief chat with Jerry about the day.
Then, I start work at York Hospital between 7 and 8 am.

My typical day includes working for Wellspan’s Food and Nutrition Services Department where I’m responsible for analyzing the nutrition content of our patient and cafeteria food, identifying allergens in our recipes, managing diet office software, maintaining policies and procedures for the department, working with staff on quality improvement projects and meeting with food vendors and distributors.
My work is finished between 3-4 pm and then I head to the gym.
Anytime between 4-6:30 I’m teaching classes, training on the reformer or taking a class.
After the gym, I run any errands (usually groceries) and return home between 7-8 pm.

Once home- shower, eat dinner, check email and snuggle up on the couch with Jerry and Einstein.  We usually watch a TV show and catch up the events of our day.
I head to bed around 10:30-11 pm.
Below is a look at my meals on a typical day:
Breakfast ~8am: 16 ounces cold coffee,  Siggi’s Greek yogurt and a banana
Snack ~ 10-10:30 am: brown rice cakes and peanut or almond butter or whole grain hot or cold cereal with skim milk
Lunch ~1230 pm: Salad with berries, almonds and vinaigrette dressing,  plain Greek yogurt with fruit and/or granola or muesli
Snack ~ 3:30 pm: Apple or yogurt and a bar of some kind- usually Rev Raw Glo, 88 acres or Rx bars
Dinner ~ 8-8:30 pm: varies but always lean protein,  veggies and a whole grain.  Sometimes dates and peanut butter before bed or a mini peanut butter perfect bar.
After my morning coffee I only drink water. At dinner, a glass of wine.