Day in the Life of a Personal Trainer: Kristin

Kristin Dailey

You’ll find me at Momentum every week day morning. I typically wake up between 6 and 7 and arrive at Momentum between 7 and 8. I start my day with a cup of warm lemon water and an Isagenix shake.

I train about a dozen women all of whom have come to me with different levels of experience and goals. From the very new client just learning about neutral spine and the basic principles of Pilates to the experienced athlete whose goal is to find body balance, prevent injury and gain core strength, I have the pleasure of working with some awesome women. I’ve been working with one woman for 7 years who came to me with back and neck pain. She is religious about coming to Pilates, and she credits our sessions to relieving her pain and making her strong.

I always make time for myself to get a workout in while I’m at Momentum. If I am not teaching a mat Pilates class or subbing a freestyle class, you can find me training with Abby. But if there is a BodyCombat class on the schedule in the morning, you will definitely find me there! It is my favorite (next to Pilates of course ;). So if you see me in class, say hi and I’d be happy to workout next to you as I’m also certified in BodyCombat. In fact, I’ve been training a newer client to feel confident to take a BodyCombat class. She has been working hard to learn the upper and lower body strikes. I love her dedication to learning the proper technique and am happy to say she’s almost ready to take class. We will continue training on the Pilates Reformer as she recognizes the importance of a strong core in doing all the activities she enjoys.

I generally leave Momentum late morning and try to grab a healthy lunch as I’m running errands or head home for the rest of the day and make something there. While my two awesome kids are enjoying college, We Are…Penn State!, I am adjusting to a new normal as an empty nester by traveling and spending time with my husband and friends. When I’m not prepping for my clients or a class, my favorite thing to do is enjoy reading on my patio. I think it’s so important to allocate some time just for yourself every day. One of my favorite recent books is “You are a Badass, How to Stop Doubting your Greatness, and Start Living an Awesome Life”.

With only two meals to prepare at dinner, I rely on Home Chef quite a bit. It’s quick, tasty and they have healthy options. Most nights I’m in bed around 10 to get a good night’s sleep so I’m ready to do it all again the next day!