2018 – The Year of Pilates



A strong core will sustain you. It’s true for your emotional and spiritual health, and it’s equally true for your physical body.

As women age, we start to ask ourselves, “How am I going to save my body?” Although the answer isn’t any one magical diet pill, exercise, or essential oil, at Momentum we feel very confident that Pilates just might be the closest thing! A regular Pilates practice will keep your body consistently fit and strong to the core.

So, this is your year, Momentum ladies. This is your invitation to finally tackle Pilates and work it into your workout.

The transformative power of Pilates can be told through Tracey Wakeen’s personal testimonial. Her experience with the practice began when her youngest son, Casey, was 6 years old. She was already a Group Fitness Instructor teaching programs like BODYATTACK and RPM but she began teaching Pilates in the month of September, and by November, she was no longer in any of her “big jeans,” as she put it, and was down a whole dress size. The only change she made to her fitness routine was adding (2) Pilates classes per week.

When was the last time you accessed your own workout routine to see if it aligns with your fitness goals? One simple swap could be the catalyst to your own transformation!

In fact, Tracey’s only fitness regret when looking back over her years of working out is that she didn’t begin Pilates in her 20’s. Tracey knows her core would have been stronger and she would have learned to take the additional load off her legs and instead transferred that work to her powerhouse.

When asked about Momentum members specifically, Tracey says, “As a club, our members stand stronger; we have better posture. I’ve witnessed transformation in Momentum classes. I can spot someone who is a regular Pilates participant. They are more aware of their body. Pilates makes you more effective in other exercises. But it’s not an overnight fix- you have to keep doing it.”

If you can commit to incorporating 1-2 Pilates classes into your weekly routine, we know you will see results. Make it a goal for 2018 and feel strengthened from the inside out!



Tracey Wakeen owns Momentum Female Health & Fitness Club. She is a Pilates Group Fitness Instructor and Pilates Reformer Personal Trainer