What to Expect When You Join Momentum

The people and processes to help you start your journey!

Most times in life, the first step is the hardest to take. At Momentum Female Health & Fitness Club, we never want the fear of the unknown to hinder your experience or keep you from trying something new. So, here is what to expect when you take your first steps into our club!

Taking Your Tour

  1. Momentum’s Member Services Team is here to help you with every step of the process. They are located at the Front Desk which sits immediately inside the front door of Momentum.
  2. You will be offered a tour of our entire facility so you can better envision yourself as part of our community. Please plan on allowing 20 minutes total for this tour so that we can introduce you to members of our staff along the way!
  3. Before you start your tour, we will ask you to fill out a Club Card with basic information including your name and email address

The Decision to Join

  1. Woo! Best. Decision. Ever.
  2. Member Services will walk you through this process at our Front Desk and it will take approximately 10 minutes from start to finish.
  3. You will:
    1. Sign an agreement (no long-term contract though!)
    2. Get a key tag that you will use to scan into the club each visit
    3. Receive a Welcome Packet that includes a copy of the current Group Class Schedule and other information about being a Momentum member
    4. Get your picture taken for our system (think drivers license, not glamour shots!)

Ready to Work Out?

Whether you are using a Guest Pass, dropping in to try a new class, or coming to work out as a member for the first time, here’s what you can expect:

  1. Scan your key tag at the Front Desk or if you are a guest, Member Services will ask for some information for our records.
  2. You will be handed a clean, white hand towel to use for your workout. Before you leave for the day, just toss it in one of our many designated hampers.
  3. You have access to our Locker Room and its amenities, including:
    1. Four private changing rooms and three private showers fully stocked with Shampoo, Conditioner, and Body Wash for your personal use
    2. Three private bathroom stalls
    3. Lockers (Locks not provided, nor are they required, but you may choose to bring one of your own for daily use.)
    4. Beauty Bar complete with plenty of mirror space, stools, a couch, and fully stocked with products such as Q-tips, lotion, hair dryers, deodorant, hairspray, etc.
  4. Momentum has both a Cardio Deck and Multipurpose Room complete with cardio equipment and circuit machines as well as free weights. These spaces are always open for your personal use during our operating hours.
  5. If you are trying out a Group Fitness Class for the first time, your instructor will ask if there is anyone new to the class and will help set you up for success. You will also inevitably have at least one other member looking out for you during class. (This isn’t something we plan… our members are just really friendly!)
  6. You won’t need to bring any equipment for our classes. Everything you need is here and ready for you! (including Yoga mats)   

What You Might Not Be Expecting, but Should!

  1. You will be welcomed and embraced by women you’ve never met but are suddenly and genuinely invested in your health and happiness.
  2. People will know your name.
  3. You will make new friends and they will text you when you are missed in class. Accountability… we all need it!
  4. “A place to plug in and feel connected!” Katy Lehman, Member Services Manager

Ready to take that first step? We can’t wait to meet you!