Marcy SHINES: October 2015

IMG_2627You can’t keep a warrior down. Warriors are strong and they refuse to stop fighting. Marcy Parnes has seen many battles in her recent years and knows firsthand the importance of being a warrior. Two of those horrific battles were breast cancer and back surgery.

Marcy has been a lifelong athlete. She was an equestrian, and played softball and tennis in high school and college. After college, Marcy went on to become a Physical Education & Health teacher. She pushed her body to its limits and has since had to deal with several orthopedic issues, which led her to trying Pilates many years ago.

Marcy joined Momentum in 2005 and has been hooked ever since! She practices Pilates almost every day and loves the camaraderie found in the Momentum community. She regularly attends Pilates Barre, Pilates Fusion, and Mat Pilates classes, and personal trains on the Pilates Reformer. What she loves about Pilates is how it makes you “long and lean and so very strong!”

Marcy needs her strength because she is a warrior.

In 2013, Marcy was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent chemotherapy and radiation. This particular battle started four years earlier in 2009 when she first believed that something wasn’t quite right. Marcy strongly states today that women need to be, “vigilant about their bodies and proactive. If it doesn’t seem right – it isn’t!” After several returned visits and the never-ceasing sense that she couldn’t give up, the lump was discovered in 2013 and “took the wind out of her sails.”

But Marcy is a warrior.

She credits her warrior status on having a plan. “Once you get a plan, you become a warrior! You become strong! You become a fighter!” Marcy knows that every woman’s body is different and every woman handles chemotherapy and radiation differently, but for Marcy, having a plan of action gave her the strength to withstand the battle.

Marcy’s next battle came in 2014 when she had to undergo back surgery. The procedure was brutal, but at her six week post-op visit, she could do a V-sit! Her core was strong and the countless hours of Pilates had proved beneficial in her recovery.

During these battles, Momentum was her safe haven. The women here stood by her and kept her strong in body, mind, and spirit. They missed her dearly when she was gone, and then welcomed her back with open arms when she was ready to return.

“It’s women. You have children. You go through things together. You’re doing laundry… running late. Where else do they understand?”

As someone who understands what it’s like to face a battle of these scales, she now dedicates much of her time to help other women diagnosed with breast cancer navigate their own journey. Marcy volunteers with the local chapter of Play for Pink and is Momentum’s connection to this organization. This year, Momentum raised donations through our Gift Basket Silent Auction for Play for Pink. Marcy also is part of the Dauphin County Medical Society Alliance and co-chairs their annual Spring Fashion Show.

Momentum recognizes that Marcy SHINES in her community and is a warrior we are all better for knowing!