Mo Zen Pilates is for Every-Body

Are you looking for a way to get more out of your athletic training? Interested in preventing injury and improving your balance? If you answered “Yes,” Mo Zen Pilates can help!

Pilates is an exercise program that focuses on improving posture, balance and core strength through a series of specific exercises that lengthen and strengthen your body. Pilates can be done on a mat or by using equipment, such as the Reformer or Chair. A typical Pilates class or training session will incorporate a variety of props, such as magic circles, hand weights or stretchy bands. MoZen_tools

“Don’t be afraid. Your first workout will be a very basic Pilates routine customized to your needs. Finding neutral pelvis and neutral spine is our first priority. Then we add springs to increase the workload in your arms and legs,” said Tracey Wakeen, Momentum Owner and Elite Pilates Personal Trainer.

If you practice Pilates regularly, you will begin to build “core awareness”—or increased attention to and sensation in your core, which includes muscles in your abdomen, pelvis and back. As your core awareness increases, you will naturally begin to recruit your core and apply the principles of Pilates when taking other Momentum classes. And who doesn’t want a more effective, efficient core workout?

“Different people have different goals. Someone new to fitness without core awareness or core strength will find that Pilates identifies the imbalances in the body and promotes the awareness and strength needed for not only fitness, but everyday life,” said Kristen Dailey, Pilates Personal Trainer.

Still not convinced that Pilates is for you? Imagine that your body is a tree; the branches are your limbs and the trunk is your core. If your trunk is fragile and weak, it won’t be able to hold up the branches. But, a strong, sturdy trunk will be able to support strong, sturdy branches.

“Did you know that the quickest way to lose 10 pounds is to just stand up with great posture? With Pilates, not only can you throw away your fat jeans, but you can improve your sex life,” said Wakeen.

Suzanne, a Pilates Personal Training client, noticed a difference in her fitness level after incorporating Pilates into her workout routine four times a week.

“Pilates made me stronger and more stable. The Mo Zen trainers are well-trained and qualified, and the atmosphere is excellent. The one-on-one Pilates Reformer training is worth the extra cost,” she said.

Pilates Personal Training with an experienced Mo Zen trainer can be especially beneficial if: trendy tulle bridesmaid dress

  • You are new to exercise, or have little or no core awareness;
  • You are seasoned mat or CXWORX participant who wants to improve core awareness;
  • You are an athlete striving to enhance your performance;
  • You are pre- or post-natal and want to perform safe and effective core exercises.

“You want to be more effective and efficient in your other classes. Set position in BODYPUMP, BODYSTEP and BODYVIVE require a neutral spine. CXWORX is more effective if it is done with a neutral pelvis,” said Wakeen.

If you are new to Pilates or core training, Mo Zen’s “All About the Core” program offers (4) 45-minute sessions for a total of $125. The goal of the sessions is to assess your core strength and awareness and familiarize you with Pilates exercises, props and equipment in a supportive, fun environment. Sessions include:

  • Education on the Pilates exercise program and core evaluation
  • Essential mat Pilates exercises
  • The mechanics of CXWORX and/or Pilates with props
  • Pilates Reformer and Chair training

The staff at Mo Zen believe that Pilates truly is an exercise program for everyone.

“I plan on growing old with Pilates,” said Dailey, who has been a Group Fitness Instructor since the late 1990s.