New Trainer Toy: TRX Rip Trainer

Want to up your game in 2015? Look no further! I’ve got a new “toy” that will shock your body in a powerful way. It’s called a TRX Rip Trainer and I’m excited to introduce it to the Momentum members. I became certified in TRX Rip Training in November of 2014 and am already convinced that it’s as versatile as your favorite little black dress.

TRX Rip Training was developed by US National Taekwondo competitor, Pete Holman, who understood the importance of producing rotational force and learning to control rotational leads. The Rip Trainer evolved as a “tool to generate and resist rotational forces and increase performance.” It is a dynamic addition to our training tools and one I hope many of you will try out.

TRX Rip Training can be done one-on-one in Personal Training sessions or in the context of Small Group Training. When training with the TRX Rip Trainer, you are constantly fighting your natural “pull” and engaging your core through each move. It combines cardio and strength-training for a high-intense workout that is above all else – efficient! And isn’t that what we’re always looking for? Something that is both effective and efficient.

I label it as being versatile because there are an endless number of moves and techniques that can be incorporated into your workout. The TRX Rip Trainer can also be paired with other equipment such as the BOSU Ball to add a new dimension to an already advanced workout move and has even been described as “training in 3D.” And perhaps the best part of all? The Rip Trainer is portable! TRXRIP-BAG_007_57277When warm weather hits, we will pack it up and bring it outside to sweat in the sun. It goes from day to night and indoors to outdoors just as smoothly as that L.B.D. I mentioned. Dress it up or dress it down!

So there you have it Momentum – powerful, efficient and versatile!